We are transforming the Old Barracks Property on Hospital Street, Christiansted, St. Croix into an educational center for the historic preservation, architectural and building arts of the Virgin Islands and Caribbean. We are transforming our past into our future.

We have developed a strategic plan to rehabilitate the Old Barracks Property and convert it into an historic preservation center that educates Virgin Islands students and interested community members in the repair and construction of wood, masonry, iron, and other historic, present day and future building techniques to preserve Virgin Islands and Caribbean towns. We hope to create a cadre of entrepreneurial artisans who will transform our community.

In 2022, we convened a conference of 34 experts from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, United States and Denmark in architecture, historic preservation, building crafts, education and economic development and created a blueprint for our institute. – BGMS photos.

As a community inspired project which grew out of the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority’s town plan charettes and the In Search of Identity Centennial Legacy project, VIAC continues to grow with community support and input. VIAC Vision Weekend 2022. – BGMS photos.

Since 2017, we have raised $1.2 million to bring the Virgin Islands Architecture Center for Built Heritage and Crafts to life. We are in the process of obtaining public and private sector funding to reach our goal. We need your donations and volunteer help. To donate click on the tab below. To become a VIAC Volunteer, email us at info@viacstx.com.

Rehabilitation of Christiansted Old Barracks Property

We are rehabilitating the Old Barracks in Christiansted and transforming it into an historical preservation educational center where the architecture and the building arts of the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean are preserved and taught to future generations.