Virgin Islands Architecture Center for Built Heritage and Crafts, Inc.

2023 VIAC Board of Directors

VIAC Board Members and Strategic Development Collaborators at the end of the 2022 Strategic Development Conference for Design, Construction and Curriculum where 32 experts from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Denmark and the United States in architecture, education and economic development convened to develop a plan to bring the VIAC concept to life. Left to right are Arthur Young Spivey, Jerri Farrante, Mary Dema, Kurt Marsh, Jr., Arne Hoi, Gerville Larsen, Stephen Hartley, Donna Christensen, Mogens Morgen, Katherine Wonson, Anthony Wood, Pablo Ojeda O’Neill, Frandelle Gerard, John Paul Huguley, Robert Schuster, Georgina Schuster, Christiana Williams, Christian Frorup, Jr., Monique Clendinen Watson, Ciara Watson, Anquanette Gaspard and Hector Berdecia Hernandez.

Mary Dema, President

Donna Christian-Christensen, Vice-President

Jerri Farrante, Secretary

Christiana Williams, Treasurer

Robert Schuster, Director

Dr. Chenzira Davis-Kahina, Director

Bo Manderup-Jensen, Director

VIAC Board Chair Mary Dema with Board Member Chenzira Kahina, Advisory Members Chalana Brown, Monica Marin, Frandelle Gerard and Gerville Larsen and PR/Grant Consultant Monique 2021.

Lee Rohn, Director

VIAC Honorary Board

Gustav James

Dr. Olaf Hendricks

Nelson Petty

VIAC Advisory Council

Gerville Larsen – Virgin Islands

Frandelle Gerard – Virgin Islands

Original Board and Advisory Council Members from the In Search of Identity Project – Left to right -Nadine Marchena Kean – VIEDA, Gerville Larsen, Chenzira Kahina, Felicia Farrante, Hildegunn Gronningsaeter, Oliver Harboe, Myron Jackson – former Senate President, Ulla Lunn, Michael Keldsen, Monica Marin and Deanna James

Roland Roebuck – U. S./ Virgin Islands

Garth Rockcastle – U.S.

John Paul Huguley – U. S.

Monica Marin – Virgin Islands

Chalana Brown – Virgin Islands

Kurt Marsh, Jr. – Virgin Islands

Ulla Lunn – Denmark

Arne Hoi – Denmark

Mogens Morgen – Denmark

Bente Ahlefeldt – Denmark

Michael Keldsen – Denmark

Birthe Leul – Denmark

Amal Ashur – Denmark




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